Dave Breitenstein

I am an experienced and dedicated professional who values integrity, fairness, innovation and a positive outlook.

The bulk of my career has been spent telling stories about, for and on behalf of people in my community, with the hope that I’m able to effect change, improve lives and educate readers. In my career, I have reported from the streets of London, school classrooms across Asia, the ruins of Ground Zero in New York and board rooms down the street.

As an audience/metrics analyst, I was tasked with understanding the habits, likes and dislikes of online news readers, analyzing website metrics and social media strategies to help guide the newsroom of the future. Now as a public relations specialist, I help create the words to expand local brands through marketing, advertising and communications initiatives.

Please see the tabs above for a summary of my professional experience, education, awards and samples of my work.

Dave Breitenstein

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