Higher Education Stories


Course Swaps

Administrators at Edison State College admitted the school awarded degrees to students who didn’t complete program requirements, a practice that violates state law and accrediting standards.

Link to PDF: Edison admits course swaps


Executive spending

Executives at Edison State College used college funds to buy balloons, breath mints, donkey pinatas, hand lotion, floral arrangements and even an ice sculpture. They hired DJs, photographers, valets and a party planner who is the president’s sister-in-law.

Link to PDF: Edison’s public relations pricey


Athlete GPAs

The term “dumb jock” has been around forever, a label or excuse for students short on studies but long on athletics. At FGCU, though, jocks consistently outperformed non-athletes in the classroom.

Link to PDF: FGCU athletes


Grade inflation

Grade point averages were rising at Florida’s public universities, a sign that either schools were attracting brighter students or professors were grading easier. My analysis found strong evidence of grade inflation at Florida and Florida State, and moderate inflation at Central Florida, North Florida and Florida Atlantic.

Link to PDF: Grade Inflation


University branding

Fans of Florida, Florida State and Miami need travel only as far as their neighborhood Target to buy a souvenir T-shirt to show their school spirit. Local stores stock college gear from dozens of institutions, except one. Administrators at Florida Gulf Coast, the only state university in town, didn’t believe area retailers could move FGCU merchandise off store shelves.

Link to PDF: Branding


President profile

Spunky. When Wilson Bradshaw used the adjective in describing Florida Gulf Coast University, he unknowingly gave himself a new nickname. Like FGCU, Bradshaw is energetic, busy, feisty, bold and bit quirky.

Link to PDF: Bradshaw Profile